Jen Kingwell’s Long Time Gone BOM

 Welcome to the SECOND ever…

Serendipity Woods Block of the Month Project!

Have you ever wanted to make a really, really (I mean REALLY) scrappy quilt, but were overwhelmed by how to assemble so many fabrics in the same project so they look good together? Maybe, like most quilters, you have lots and lots (and LOTS) of fabric, but when it comes down to it, your stash is lacking a massive variety you long for your quilt to possess.



Well, Sophie and I have 175 fabrics and an extraordinary Block of the Month project to share with you!



We’ve spent some pretty thoughtful hours curating our very own collection of cheery fabrics from all over our shop (and a few treasures we couldn’t live without bringing on board for this project especially!). Manufacturers like Moda, Art Gallery, Michael Miller, Windham, and more. Our goal was to invoke what has become a standard here in Serendipity Woods: A magically modern medley of HAPPINESS for this project. We hope you’ll agree – that we did, and we especially hope you’ll join us to share in the fun!


We’ll be embarking upon a 13-month JOURNEY to create Jen Kingwell’s Long Time Gone quilt – a 66 1/2″ x 67 1/2″ burst of scrappy heaven.

Your quilt will look JUST like this, with these very fabrics!

 All the Juicy BOM Details:

Begins July 3, 2017 through July 3, 2018

First Kit ships 7/3/2017 and includes:

  • Long Time Gone Book
    • Professionally Spiral Bound so it’s super easy to use and extra sturdy
  • Fabrics for Block 1
  • A particularly awesome TOTE for keeping all your fabrics in one safe spot throughout the year 

Kit 1 Cost: $47.50 + $4.98 shipping

(at registration, 1 time)

Subsequent kits will vary in quantities of fabrics as all fabrics will remain in play throughout our project (so save every scrap!). A number of them will also contain a goody of some sort that may be a favorite tool of mine or an item that will make your block assembly easier for that month and/or subsequent months.  I’ve tried to keep such items to a minimum so cost remains reasonable and doable for a whole year!

Kits 2-13 – Cost: $14.95 + $4.98 shipping

(monthly, August 2017-July 2018)


Q: “Oh my gosh! I have always wanted to make a Jen Kingwell scrappy quilt, but it looks like it could be hard…is it hard?”

A: No, not hard, I promise! These blocks are far from difficult and Jen’s instructions are not wordy, but concise and clear, and in my estimation – doable for the advanced beginner on UP. It should be noted, however, that accuracy with respect to 1/4″ seam allowances, so a 1/4″ machine foot is a plus.

Q: “What if I need help?

A: I’m thrilled to say – I’ve got great news about that! For our first Serendipity Woods BOM (which ended in May), our Private FACEBOOK Page for BOM participants only became a HUGE support system! I was able to make announcements, and share helpful hints and ideas. Participants were able to ask questions, share photos of their blocks, and in general – offer support and ideas of their own.  We’ll absolutely be creating another group for this BOM. Or – I’m always available to walk anyone through any tricky spots over email.  Either way – you’ll have all the help you need!

Q: Where do I sign up?

A: Right HERE!

Questions, comments, joyous enthusiasm overflowing from your teacup-of-life that you just want to share?  Toss a comment below. We’ll respond lickety split (likely with an equal amount of joyous enthusiasm…or an answer to your question!)





4 thoughts on “Jen Kingwell’s Long Time Gone BOM

    1. Hi Judy, Thanks for your question! There’s no reason you couldn’t purchase the book and use your own fabrics to make this quilt. We will indeed have the book alone available in our shop in the coming weeks. We’ve chosen to process as a block of the month, but I seem to remember reading about another group that is processing this project as a sew along. Gnome Angel, maybe? It might be worth a google search. That would be your place to participate in a sew along with your own fabrics, as opposed to a BOM. If you need the book – ping me! I can get you a copy. They’re sometimes hard to find, but I may have some spares once I get through registration cut off tonight. Thanks!


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